Assembly cells

Assembly cells from D+P offer the greatest possible flexibility. Thanks to the stable and standardized design, there is space in the cell for a wide variety of process units. The cell can also be expanded as required to cover many areas of application.
The modular design and standardized components ensure rapid availability and maximum integration with minimum space requirements.

Standardized cell sizes (W x D x H):
1060 mm x 1060 mm x 2200 mm
1460 mm x 1060 mm x 2200 mm
1460 mm x 1460 mm x 2200 mm
1860 mm x 1460 mm x 2200 mm

Thanks to the standardization of components and the modular cell concept, the D+P assembly cell is already suitable for many tasks as standard.
The assembly cell is mainly designed for the different core competences of D+P, automation, dosing, measuring and assembly.



Application diversity

The modular principle allows application in almost any application.

  • Position determination
  • Sorting
  • Testing
  • Measuring
  • Pick & Place
  • Apply
  • Assemble
  • Grease/Oil


Flexible side panels and base plate

Due to the standardization of the components, the side panels as well as the base plate of the cell can be exchanged as required. This allows the assembly cell to be adapted to on-site and customer-specific conditions.


Modular cell assembly

The base of the cell can be customized. Depending on the customer's requirements, product-specific fixtures, robots, rotary tables, applicator systems
or other units can be installed.
If there is a change in their production line, there is no need to purchase a new cell.


Unlimited station expansion

The D+P assembly cells can be linked together as required. Due to the modular and flexible adaptability to customer requirements, single cells can be connected via a conveyor system to form a complex assembly line.