Volumetric dosing


D+P volumetric dosing valves are designed for repeatable dosing. A major advantage of these valves is their simplicity and reliability. Dosing quantities and speeds are easily adjustable. The metering valves all operate on the volumetric metering principle and cover a metering range from 0.003 to 12 cm³.


A volumetric metering valve consists of an adjustable metering chamber for the medium and a pneumatic cylinder or electromechanical actuator for ejection.


Our volumetric metering valves are used in all areas of industry for the application of low to high viscosity media (up to NLGI class 3). They meet all the relevant characteristics and requirements that are important for an optimal dosing result and a process-safe transfer of the media.


The volumetric dosing valves from D+P fulfill all relevant characteristics that are important for an optimal dosing result:

  • High precision
  • Very good repeatability
  • High quality standards
  • Simplicity and reliability


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