Time-controlled dosing


D+P's time-controlled dosing valves allow spot, bead and area application with extremely short dosing times. Different nozzle sizes and designs of the valves allow individual adaptation to viscosity and application volume.


The time-controlled dosing valves from D+P are used in all areas of industry for spot, bead and area application of low to high viscosity media (up to NLGI class 3).


The metering quantities are set via the opening stroke, the metering time and the incoming material pressure.
A time-controlled dosing valve consists of two structurally separate parts. The medium-carrying area is completely separated from the control side and the valve needle. This prevents interference from the medium.


  • Extremely short dosing times
  • Individual adaptation due to different nozzle sizes and designs
  • High quality standards
  • Simplicity and reliability


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