High pressure barrel pumps


Pneumatically controlled D+P high pressure barrel pumps are characterized by high product quality, reliability and long service life. The pumps developed in-house are subject to extremely strict quality control. In-house production ensures optimal and technically perfect adaptation to customer requirements at all times.


Our high pressure barrel pumps are ideally suited as material feeders for dosing systems or also for transfer and filling systems. They are suitable for all viscous media, e.g. greases, silicones, pastes as well as for adhesives.
They are available as standard for different container sizes from 1 to 200 liters.


On request, we supply state-of-the-art accessories for the high pressure barrel pumps, such as pressure reducing valves, outlet and metering valves, high pressure hoses, pressure switches, screw fittings, etc., which, together with the grease dispensing point, make up a fully functional complete system.
Our range of services includes installation, commissioning and integration of the high pressure barrel pumps into other systems as well as comprehensive customer service.


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Application of high pressure barrel pumps with follower plate ensures optimal emptying of the barrels. In addition, in contrast to manual emptying, there is no contamination in the vicinity of the container.

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