Dosing controllers

The dosing controllers from D+P are characterized by modern and powerful technology. Individual quality requirements can be monitored and permanently ensured by means of a variety of sensors. D+P dosing controllers are straightforward and easy to use, even for complex dosing processes.

Frequently asked questions about our dosing systems

Are different controllers required for different dosing units?
No. The D+P control systems are compatible with different dosing units and can therefore cover many dosing units in numerous variants.

Do I need a separate control system for each dosing unit?
No. The D+P control systems can control several and different dosing units.

Is it possible to integrate the dosing control into a higher-level machine control system?
Yes, depending on the dosing system, integration takes place via digital inputs and outputs or Profibus or Profinet.

Can process and quality data be transmitted?
Yes, the transmission of process and quality data is possible (Industry 4.0).

I have a very special requirement. Can this be implemented by D+P?

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