DP-K-002-000032 // Outlet valve C-401.09.01
DP-K-002-000035 // Outlet valve C-401.09.02
DP-K-002-000054 // Outlet valve C-401.00.24

  • Application of low to high viscosity media
  • Small material spaces
  • Large opening and closing force
  • Easily replaceable seal package as well as nozzle seat set


The outlet valve is suitable for continuous discharge of low to high viscosity media.


The valve consists of two structurally separate parts. This design prevents uncontrolled leakage of the medium into the pneumatic cylinder and thus prevents interference with the valve needle.
The size of the opening cross-section is regulated by the stroke adjustment of the valve needle. The valve needle is sealed against the valve head chamber by a special adjustable seal.


  • Small material rooms
  • High opening and closing force
  • Adjustable special seals
  • Pneumatic double control
  • High max. working pressures

Technical Data

Clear width LW
1.0–2.5, depending on version

Operating pressure
250 bar

Max. material pressure
315 bar

Material connection
cannula connection

Pneumatic connection
2 x i G 1/8" or 2 x i M5, depending on version

Length x width x height
depending on version

200–520 g, depending on version

Permissible media
oils and greases NLGI class 0–3

A comparison table with more detailed information can be found in the data sheet.


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Outlet valve C-401.09.01
Clear width LW 2.5

Outlet valve C-401.09.02
Clear width LW 2.0

Outlet valve C-401.00.24
Clear width LW 1.0

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