• Contactless application of low to high viscosity media
  • 2-valve closure technology for minimum quantity metering
  • Compact design
  • Short switching times
  • Available nozzle sizes: Ø 0.21–0.81 mm


The grease shot valve is used to apply various viscous media from a distance of up to 120 mm.


The FSV02 simple includes a solenoid valve, as well as a micromodule with optimized nozzle and heating with two heating controllers. The material is discharged with perfect tear-off as a point or bead.

The control takes place exclusively via the D+P dosing system.

Available nozzle sizes: Ø 0.21–0.81 mm


The 2-valve shut-off technology enables metering of very small quantities with very short switching times, and the compact design means that the nozzle can be optimally used even in the tightest of spaces.

The valve is splash-proof and has an integrated material filter to ensure permanently clean material discharge.

Technical Data

Mechanical data

Width x height x depth
348 x 625 x 273 mm

Mounting position
any, even overhead

Max. pumpable viscosity
oils and greases NLGI class 0–3

Application quantity per shot
1–20 cm³

Material temperature
max. 120 °C

Switching frequency
max. 100 Hz

Medium inlet pressure
5–68 bar, depending on application – depending on viscosity

Order distance
max. 120 mm

Heating time
approx. 5 min

Pneumatic air pressure
6 bar, optionally with pressure booster combination

Line length control air
max. 100 mm

Environmental conditions

Storage and transport temperature
–40–70 °C

Working temperature
35–65 °C

Ambient temperature
–7–50 °C

50–70 %

For all work, the material must be brought to the correct processing temperature.
Note this temperature when the material comes from cold storage rooms, aheater is provided for heating the material or cooling is provided for cooling the material.

Operation in closed rooms. Protect from direct sunlight, dust and moisture. Installation altitude maximum 2000 meters above sea level.

EMC resistance
according to EN 61000-6-2:2001 (industrial area)

Electrical data

Temperature sensor
PT 100 / 2 conductors

Power supply
240 V AC 50–60 Hz

Power heating
240 V: 155 W

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