• One control for all applications
  • Fast and scalable hardware
  • Simple plug & play connection via interface
  • No additional hardware components required


The dosing controller is specially designed for the control and monitoring of dosing processes in industrial plants as well as stand-alone devices.


Automatic mode
The application-specific sequences are started and stopped by a higher-level PLC, the touch panel, digital I/O signals or even pushbuttons. The result of the dosing is reported or displayed accordingly

Semi-automatic operation
Sub-processes of the system can be started/stopped and monitored manually. This is also possible via “remote control” from a higher-level PLC

Manual operation
All actuators can be controlled and monitored manually via the touch display. Likewise, states of the sensors integrated in the system are displayed or forwarded to higher-level systems.

User account management
Users and access authorizations (can be) created, changed, copied or deleted. This data can be stored externally on a medium (e.g. USB stick) and can also be restored from there.


  • Two-part system architecture: control cabinet with remote operating panel
  • Modern user interface with graphical visualization and touch operation on a 7” display
  • All available motor variants are applicable (e.g. stepper motor, servo motor, DC and three-phase motor)
  • Control can also be used as Profinet master
  • Controller is fail-safe capable and can control or monitor assigned protected areas
  • Secure communication via Profisafe optionally possible
  • The standard communication interface to the higher-level controller is Profinet.
  • Clear, understandable diagnostic messages are shown directly on the display and sent as unique message numbers to the higher-level PLC. The message history can be stored externally.

Technical Data

50 kg

Length x width x height
controller box approx. 650 x 400 x 250 mm
panel approx. 300 x 180 x 60 mm

Supply voltages

50 Hz

Max. power consumption
1.5 kW in full configuration with all metering components

230 V AC or 24 V DC, depending on version

Environmental conditions

10–40 °C

max. 70 %

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