Contact persons

The following contact persons are available in our company for your inquiries and requests:



Tobias Faaß
Fon +49 9081 27593 0

Technical management /
Authorized signatory
Alexander Klug
Fon +49 9081 27593 0

Authorized signatory / Head of control technology / QMB
Matthias Haschka
Fon +49 9081 27593 0

Control technology

Our claim: Concentrated competence in-house!

Our control technology consists of the following areas:

Electrical design

  • Latest tools for circuit diagram creation and testing
  • Regular training of our employees regarding legal regulations and CE conformity

Electrical assembly

  • Electrical assembly of modules and control cabinets
  • Assembly of dosing systems with various components
  • Commissioning and testing of control cabinets and systems
  • Wiring of special machines and systems
  • Assembly of connectors, etc.

Software development

  • Development of our highly complex software for our systems and plants by our in-house software specialist
  • Mainly use of Siemens and Beckhoff controllers.
  • For Beckhoff controllers we also use the extensions and possibilities of object orientation.
  • Creation of the software for the controllers: in Siemens' own "TIA" development environment
  • We program our systems exclusively in high-level language
  • Large portfolio of programming languages, also for other systems, such as:
    • PC applications
    • Siemens: SCL (Structured Control Language)
    • Beckhoff: ST (Structured Text)
  • Connections to ERP systems, such as "SAP" or "SQL" databases are a common standard for us.

Keywords such as "Industry 4.0" and "IOT" are not foreign words.

Quality management (QM)

Our claim: Highest quality at fair price!

  • Since 2000 Application of our quality management system
  • Since 2000 certification according to DIN EN ISO 9001
  • Continuous development of our QM
  • Documentation and QM control of all processes
  • Regular internal and external audits confirm our high standard
  • Since 2018 renewed certification according to DIN EN ISO 9001:2015

Through our high quality standards and regular control, we achieve the highest quality, precision and reliability, both of our products and our equipment.


Secretary's office
Regina Helmschrott
Fon +49 9081 27593 0

Doris Graf–Seidel
Fon +49 9081 27593 299

Sales / Project planning

Our claim: Exact match between customer requirements and technically best solution!

  • Interdepartmental, smooth coordination
  • Ideal consulting and optimization by our sales and project planning team
  • Close cooperation with the customer enables a win-win situation: fulfillment of requirements and optimal solutions for customer fixtures, plants and special machines

Dosing technology
group leader //
Sales / Project planning
Richard Bauer
Fon +49 9081 27593 21

Sales /
Project planning
Dosing technology

Nino Hertle
Fon +49 9081 27593 293

Sales /
Project planning
Dosing technology
Alexander Kirchenbaur
Fon +49 9081 27593 180

Process development
adhesive technology //
Andreas Mielich
Fon +49 9081 27593 182

Group leader
special machinery //
Manuel Consentino
Fon +49 9081 27593 26

Sales /
Project planning
special machinery
Christian Venzmer
Fon +49 9081 27593 27

Sales /
Project planning
special machinery

Patrick Bosch
Fon +49 9081 27593 189

Group leader
project planning //
project management
special machinery
Matthias Habicht
Fon +49 9081 27593 282

Sales Assistance
Dosing Technology
Lisa Clausner
Fon +49 9081 27593 285

Sales Assistance
Dosing Technology
Michelle Kowatsch
Fon +49 9081 27593 295

Sales Assistance
Special machinery
Hannah Neher
Fon +49 9081 27593 181

Project management

Our claim: Effective and efficient cooperation!

  • Close cooperation between customers and D+P
  • Each customer or project is assigned its own experienced project manager.
  • The project manager accompanies the project not only from the receipt of the order, through all quality gates to the ready-to-operate handover. He is also responsible for quality, budgeting and schedule coordination.

Project management
Karlheinz Heß
Fon +49 9081 27593 294

Project management
Steffen Husel
Fon +49 9081 27593 12


Our claim: Detailed and customized complete solutions!

  • Individual design, tailored to the needs of our customers.
  • Simultaneous design:
    Systematic analysis using special software for CE marking and risk assessment (in accordance with the Machinery and Low-Voltage Directive).
  • All designs and fluid plans are created using a professional 3D CAD tool (Creo Elements/Direct Modeling) or FluidDraw.
  • Process optimization through checklists and QM requirements

Head of Construction
Peter Wons
Fon +49 9081 27593 281

Group management
software development //
Control technology
Tobias Deubler
Fon +49 9081 27593 287

Head of Development
Karl Straß
Fon +49 9081 27593 19


Our claim: Implement extraordinary tasks as quickly and precisely as possible!

  • Many years of experience in manufacturing
  • Close cooperation with mechanical construction
  • Technical challenges and unusual tasks can be implemented quickly and precisely
  • Modern and high-quality equipped machinery with different turning, milling and grinding machines.
  • New additions since 2019/2020: DMU 75 monoBLOCK and DMU 50
  • Efficient manufacturing strategies with CAM systems
  • Well trained technical staff
  • In-house production of simple to highly complex components


Our claim: You have good ideas, we have suitable, high-quality machines!

Take advantage of the opportunity to produce your unusual tasks with us.

We offer:

  • Individual production according to the respective customer requirements
  • Focus: Single or small series of demanding workpieces

Your advantages:

  • Realization of your extraordinary tasks, even without elaborate machinery
  • State-of-the-art and high-quality equipped machinery for precise components: different turning, milling and grinding machines, efficient production strategies with CAM systems
  • Your end product: high-quality components
  • Experienced, qualified employees
  • Guarantee of particularly high quality, fast response and punctual delivery time

Head of Production
Werner Schnell
Fon +49 9081 27593 20

Assembly / Service

Our claim: High quality awareness brings customer satisfaction!


  • Assembly and service department for greasing and dosing technology, for fixtures and for special machine construction.
  • Assembly is carried out with the aid of CAD systems, state-of-the-art tools and a high degree of precision
  • Assembly and commissioning on site in our large hall areas
  • Your advantage: Testing of all systems already during the assembly and commissioning phase


  • Our D+P assembly team is at your disposal for commissioning directly on site
  • Our service is available at national and international level
  • After-sales service: In the event of maintenance or malfunctions, we respond within the shortest time possible
  • Central coordination in case of service with forwarding to the assembler and technician of your system

Head of mechanical
assembly // Service
Markus Graf
Fon +49 9081 27593 25

Head of
electrical assembly
Stefan Thum
Fon +49 9081 27593 288

Materials management

Materials management
Norman Faaß
Fon +49 9081 27593 24


Johannes Thum
Fon +49 9081 27593 147

Technical editing

Our claim: More time at the machine than reading the manual!

  • Close cooperation with the "construction" and "control engineering" departments
  • Preparation of CE-compliant documentation - including risk assessments
  • Preparation of the complete technical documentation for each machine, system and component manufactured by us
  • At the customer's request, we can prepare this documentation in paper or digital form
  • Our goal: Simple and understandable applicability for our customers

Technical documentation
Rosi März
Fon +49 9081 27593 297

CE coordination
Martin Vogt
Fon +49 9081 27593 142